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Aigar Meets Alberta!

Although a flight to Sydney may not be a reality this year, Bassike leaves us yearning for lazy afternoons by the beach. The Australian label that bridges the gap between lifestyle and relaxed tailoring released their 2022 resort collection this week. Delicate yet bold...their collection features billowing sun dresses, decadent prints, and a charming gender neutrality. The collection aptly named Pause lets us take a moment and marvel in everything Aussie chic!

Bassike, a sustainable brand designed by Deborah Sams, pays homage to Australia’s aboriginal history, and has been infusing cultural and ethnic influences into their collections since 2006. Their responsibly made garments are neither pretentious nor gender conforming and imply a genuine respect for the wearer.

Across the globe, London’s Whitechapel Gallery houses a current exhibition presenting the result of surrealism when wed to cubism and is executed beautifully by the Angel of Anarchy Miss Eileen Aigar, the British painter known for her vivid artwork.

Deep swirls of color intersect with stripes transporting the viewer into a vibrant kaleidoscopic fantasy. These motifs come to life on the runway for the first look, manifested not as stripes, nor swirls but swipes in a shirtdress.

Coincidence—I think not!

A general tribal quality is evident, and several of the dresses would cause Alberta Ferretti to turn a head. Jerseys produced in Australia made from organic fabrics, silks, and expertly contoured fabrics injected a suave sense of luxury into the effortless no fuss looks.

Earthy aromatic tones of dijon mustard, and sand compliment the color palette with surprise notes of aquamarine. A black massage parlor robe swathed a model in one look, striking a contrasting chord of modesty within the buzzing spice market.

Obi belts varying in length cinch waists and create subtle hourglass shapes that accentuate the hips and add to the overall sleekness. Look 12 booms in a smoked paprika cardigan that tickles the ankles and leaves us hungry for tapas by the beach.

Dust off that surfboard…Bassike presents their latest summer wardrobe!

See the full collection...

Eileen Aigar:

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