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Cactus Jack Dior Unveils a New Dandy

June 25th bore the fruit of a collab between artists Kim Jones and Travis Scott. Resulting in a collection inspired by the cacti synonymous with Cactus Jack, Scotts latest album. Amongst the thorns (and mushrooms) a modern dandy was seen strutting.

Since 2018, Kim Jones has been using his brush to paint a new painting for Dior Homme. Evoking imagery that shifts away from the monotonous tailoring of his Belgian predecessor Kris van Assche. Bold yet romantic, the collections thus far have given Dior Homme a new stylistic vocabulary, and has helped to redefine a new aesthetic for luxury menswear.

Succeeding the strong notes of psychedelia witnessed from the fall/winter collection, 2022 resort gave a strong impression of Surrealism. A surrealist painting that was successfully reframed, considering that this event was one of the first in person shows since the Pandemic wreaked havoc…a surrealism that echoed from the drone of the galactic track heard in the background.

Lightweight suits came in both granny smith apple green and flamingo pink, complete with bowler hats that were accentuated with bejeweled shades and sometimes even a glittering cactus brooch. A sleek silhouette that was allegedly inspired by Scott’s wardrobe was neither loose nor tight fitting and breathed a lithe flair through the fantastical cactus garden. Rene Magritte’s painting The Son of Man instantly comes to mind.

Soutache, a unique style of braided embroidery was used to embellish jackets. Historically used for the Hungarian military, the expert needlework infused intricacy and charm into the moving displays of artwork. George Condo, the American visual artist also hand painted more than a few shirts with his signature prints as seen from Dior’s Instagram.

The Dior dandy has now surfaced—replacing cravats with bedazzled shades and with a distinct panache for social media. A printed saddle instead of a walking stick…and a pendant necklace in lieu of a pocket square.

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