Seasonal Color Palette

Updated: May 18


“Not blue, not turquoise, not lapis…but cerulean”

Miranda Priestly

This unique color is a shade of blue that you will find between turquoise and cobalt on the color spectrum. Famously versatile, this shade pairs well with other bright colors for maximum effect. Simultaneously, it can also be used to match with other shades of blue. Jeremy Scott and Donatella both opted for this tone in their spring/summer collections.



Is a yellowy-orange color, stemming from the flower of the same name.

Visually pungent, and reminiscent of aromatic spice, this shade is not quite as dark as turmeric but Is a stronger hue of mustardy yellow. Historically, yellow has been symbolic of optimism, joy and everything non-binary.

After a bleak year spent inside, who wouldn’t want to incorporate this beautiful color into a spring or summer outfit. Pantone has recorded yellow as one of the top colors for 2021.


Burnt Coral

Unusual, burnt coral is the darker shade of the classic color, ubiquitous with florals, deep sea animals, flamingos and a particular Oscar de la Renta gown recently donned by Golden Globes nominee Amanda Seyfried. Veering away from pink and more towards brown. Beautiful on its own or paired with other delicate pastel shades, burnt coral is both a romantic and elegant hue.


Green Ash

Originally a tree native to the Americas, this shade of green evokes imagery of avocado and lime. A lighter variety than that of Billie Eilish's hair, this radiant color was recently worn by Emily in Paris co-star Ashley Park in an Atelier Versace gown for the Critics Choice Awards. Dries van Noten, a designer often inspired by art, used a shirt in lieu of a canvas this season and uses this color as his paint for look #28 from his spring collection…


Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum pink, or candy pink is an umbrella term for all pinks that draw attention. Stronger in tone and less romantic than macaroons and peonies, a striped turtleneck

featuring the color from Dior Homme confirms the inclusivity and gender neutrality of the color. This season is you are going pink, go bold!



A rare quartz stone of deep purple, and one of the most famous crystals symbolizing tranquility, calmness and compassion. The color also symbolizes spiritual growth, and after so much of our time these days spent on self-reflection wearing this color signifies intuitive strength. This dark purple shade can give a regal touch to any look.



Unmistakably an autumn color, rust rarely comes to mind when imagining a spring picnic. However, this year the shade has been seen paired together with other bright colors, as a way to underscore the boldness of the spring/summer palette.

Orangey brown in tint, the color recently added antique majesty to the Dior Spring/Summer campaign.


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