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The Lockdown Flapper

Updated: May 14

Flapper—a young woman opposing conventional ideas of ladylike dress.

As scandalous as their short skirts, excessive makeup and cigarette cases may have been at the time, their resistance to modesty and standardized dress, made them cultural icons synonymous with the Jazz Age and has inspired much of the 20s imagery that we know today.

After a year spent indoors, once everyone is vaccinated, what will a 2020s flapper look like?

Anthony Vaccarello's latest fall collection for Yves Saint Laurent introduced a sleek, sassy glamazonian...presenting a fearlessly elegant aesthetic. The most memorable look consisted of a gold lamé tank top with a limegreen tweed jacket and a dazzling chandelier earring.

Dusting the curtains off, and breathing new life into the house of YSL; while mixing and matching themes from the 60s and 80s, giving way to looks for the 20s.

Mon dieu!

Josephine Baker chic with strong notes of Bonnie and Clyde, and outfits that most of Madame Claude’s girls could flaunt!

The thought of a short skirt and bobbed hair as scandalous in 2021 would make most cringe if not laugh but given the loosening of restrictions and the inevitability of social interaction, a new style of flapper may be cooking.

A flapper that is just as scandalous minus the filtration…

Given the excessiveness of streetwear, frivolity in the fashion industry is on the way out, with Virgil Abloh predicting streetwear’s impending doom in a recent Dazed article…alluding to a new style of streetwear.

The new flapper is elegant, inclusive and pronoun savvy, disregarding the prescribed cultural conventions in favor of glitter, and laughing with everyone!

Considering the lack of fuss and frill…these looks could effortlessly transition from day to night, or from one party—to another.

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